Inspiration started at a young age growing up with a gardening mother, boating father, and a lake nearby. The colors and beauty were all around me and it was inevitable for me to be a dreamer, lover of life, and creator. Many of those childhood memories are still reflected in many of my pieces today. As I continued practicing all forms of art, I soon found myself down a path of having an art career. At Illinois State University I studied art education and ceramics. After graduating and finding the art education position of my dreams, I was and am able to be inspired by many little artists’ minds and ideas every day. 

My students and my own children have helped inspire me to start a second career writing and illustrating childrens stories. As I shared this new path with many of my students they would say things like, "You can't be an author or illustrator because your our art teacher." I am proving to them you CAN be anything you want, multiple careers, and even dream of new ones along the way. Your creative path is like a flower that never stops growing nor ever dies. I can't wait to see the new places my creative path continues to bring me to.

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