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The Secret Series

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The secret to being creative is exactly what this book is all about! This is a story of a child who was never taught how to be creative and wants to be in on the secret. She is also willing to spill the beans and share the secret to being creative with you! This story is filled with beautiful watercolor illustrations, waiting to inspire your next creative idea! Perfect for children of all ages who love to create or who need a spark to get their imagination flowing! A great read if someone has ever made you feel like you can't create, this book will help you believe in yourself!


As part of the Secret Series of life's lessons join a young girl on a journey to finding out the secret to acceptance. Spoiler alert, it has to do with being proud of who she is and accepting others who have differences too. This book celebrates all forms of diversity: cultures, ethnicities, race, and LGBT. The watercolor illustrations help magnify the beauty that lies in diversity and especially self love. This world would be a boring place to live if we all looked and acted the same. "The Secret to Acceptance," offers great segues to teaching about all forms of diversity.

The Secret To Being Grateful

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Have you or your children ever lost your temper? We all do every once in a while, but The Secret To Calming Down is a story to help your kids or students with those elevated emotions. This is a story of a child who is sick of being told to calm down. Once he finds the secrets of how to control those emotions, he is more then willing to share them with the reader. This story is filled with emotional splatter watercolor illustrations and calming tones to put the readers mind at ease. Perfect for children of all ages who just need some tools to help manage those emotions and practice new mindfulness activities. If you want to know the secret to calming down, this book is for you!

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As part of the Secret Series of life's lessons, a young child learns the lessons to become a big sibling. This book is perfect for a big brother or big sister expecting a new baby on the way. It's also a great read for a sibling who may need reminders about how to behave in the family dynamic. In the voice of a child, this story teaches how one can both help the new parents and love the new baby. Your emotions will melt as you read this story with your little one. The illustrations capture the pure love and joy of sibling relationships. A must read and great book to give that sibling who is about to become the oldest to a new baby brother or sister.

The Secret To Falling Asleep

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Casey D., Reading Specialist

"A must have for every classroom library! As an elementary school teacher and reading specialist, I can’t recommend this book enough! So often students feel hesitant or uncertain to explore their own creativity because they think there must only be one way to do it. Fear of failing or taking a risk causes student to avoid exploding their ce sides. Author, Theresa Fontana, uses this idea of learning the “secret” to being creative in everything you do!"

 Anita Padilla, Fox 32 Anchor

"I have a feeling she is going to blow up, she is going to be big time!"

Kristin C., Mother

"This book immediately became a household favorite! The story is so inspirational while the rhyming and artistic illustrations make it a fun read for all. My kids asked to read it again and again!"

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