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"Secrets secrets are no fun, secrets secrets may hurt someone!"
BUT wait... she's got secrets way more fun. Secrets that understand who you are or where you are from, explain what you need and how to succeed!

As a mom of three, elementary art teacher, and artist she writes and illustrates helpful stories for children dealing with normal struggles. The secret to acceptance, calming down, taking care of a new pet, or even how to tap into their creative juices! How to fall asleep, be a good big sibling, or be a good sport! She writes stories both her own kids and students need, in a relatable voice, no matter what backgrounds, family dynamic, or cultures they come from. She tries to include illustrations depicting all children. The child self-help books are all written in a format of a secret that encourages kindness, confidence, social emotional learning techniques, and rhyming social stories. What kids wouldn't want to hear a new juicy secret? What parent wouldn't want a story that actually teaches their child life lessons? What teacher or social worker wouldn't want a social story that rhymes and has engaging watercolor illustrations? 
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