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Art Games to Increase Creative Thinking

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

Do you ever have an extra small amount of time you need to fill in the art room? Or your schedule is off a rotation day and need a random day of fun art games to increase creativity. These ideas are for you!

Add Ons: Have one student draw a shape, line, or texture. Then they pick the next friend to add onto it and so on. You can have it be as broad as anything or you can give it a theme, like an amusement park rollercoaster!

Guess What I Am Drawing?: Have a student draw something on the board and have the class guess like Pictionary. The first person to raise their hand and answer correct gets to be the next illustrator on the board.

Round Robin Drawing: Give students a theme like invent a car. Next have each student draw a part, then all kids switch one seat over and add to the drawing. Have students continue to add on until their drawings look complete.

Scribble Challenge: Each student draws a scribble, then have them swap scribbles with a partner. The students are challenged to turn the scribble into a drawing.

Statue: Have students pose in different statue poses and the rest of the class has to try and do either gesture, contour, or figurative art.

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