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The Secret to Teaching Creativity

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

Teach students to draw like an artist. As their eye traces an object their hand should too. We all learned that basic trick, but how do we draw with our heart? Through concept! Give your students challenges or projects where they can relate it to themselves. A still life of objects t

hat symbolize who they are or have them design their dream house or tree house.

Once they have the drawing and painting skills it's important they show how they feel. These work sheets can help younger students reflect on those feelings. One of my favorite parts of these SEL lessons is to talk about scenarios and how they handle those emotions. Students even love showing how their face should look for each emotion. One of my favorite books to

read for these SEL lessons is, The Secret To Calming Down.

Stay creative. Keep making and creating. It is so important for art educators to make the time to use the creative process for themselves. It truly helps us be better teachers and more creative ourselves.

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