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Turn your artists into Inventors!

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

As your art students arrive greet them with a, "Hi Inventors!" Once you give your lesson or show students some inspirational inventions. Make sure to have them put their imaginary inventor hats on, close their eyes and dream of the unknown. Invent something no one has ever thought of! After they do some thinking, make sure to have them chat with partners and tables to help those ideas expand. After they discuss, I always have my inventors invent at least 2 - 4 ideas. Then they choose their favorite of those to do as a final piece of artwork. Some of my favorite invention lessons I have done in the past are...

1st Grade Invent a Robot

2nd Grade Invent a Machine

4th Grade Concept Cars

Invent a Toy, Invent a New Video Game Concept, Invent a Concept Aircraft, Rocket, or UFO. The sky is the limit.

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